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You have entered an incorrect password. Tap on the 'eye' icon to show you entered password. If you have forgotten your password, tap on the 'Forgot Password?', enter your username, answer your security question correctly, then you can change your password. If you have forgotten your security answer, email us your Username and Email at support@novelplus.co. We will email you back the correct credential.
In most cases, you may have login with the wrong login method. Currently, NovelPlus have 3 login method. Facebook Login method, Google+ Login method and normal login method(username/email). Please check your login method.
MOST of our novels are free to reads. You may have encountered several novels which require you to unlock it chapters with nCoin in order to continue your reading. All unlocked chapters will help support the author works and effort to create a better content for you.
nCoins is used to unlock chapters and send rewards to authors. nCoins helps to support authors and create an engagement between readers and authors.
When you top up your Wallet for nCoins, you have the option to choose a package of nCoins with Bonus nCoins for more value. Bonus nCoins will expire in 15 days if you don't use it within its time limit. Use your Bonus nCoins to unlock more chapters or send rewards to authors as support.
nCoins can be purchased through your iTunes or Google Play Store. To purchase nCoins, tap 'Top Up' in your Profile page or in your Wallet, then select nCoins package you desired. Once the purchase done, your account will be charged and nCoins balance will be automatically updated in your Wallet. Your Wallet is where you can keep track your balance and all transactions made with nCoins.
You should've received your nCoins immediately after purchase. If you did not receive the nCoins after 1 hour of purchase, screenshot your Profile, Account Settings, and Google Receipt and details below:- NovelPlus version: Phone Model: and send it to support@novelplus.co. We will check on it immediately.
You're reading a great novel and want to do more than "like" or "comment". What do you do next? You show your support with a reward, of course! There's no limit or frequency to what you can reward — you can send a one-time reward, multiple times, or every time your favourite author posts a new chapter or novel. It's easy. You'll find a reward button in the author page, author's novels and after you've done reading the last chapter posted in the author's novel. Various reward option is available. Simply pick your reward, write a support message to the author and send. All reward is processed with nCoins. Make sure your wallet has enough nCoins before sending your desired reward.
Under the option 'My Reward' in your Profile page, you'll will see the list of rewards you've received and from whom. You can redeem your rewards for cash with terms and conditions.
With high quality contents: This should go without saying, but readers are more interested in supporting an author who posted a well-written content which is interesting for them to read. Know your readers and create a story that will capture their attention, make them enjoy when reading. You'll have a better chance to be rewarded when they feel entertain by your content. Promoting your stories: Nothing is more rewarding than actively promoting your stories to get more readers who support your works. Simply share your stories with friends, family or on your social media. Increasing your reader based will greatly increase your chances of getting rewards.
Reward pay outs will be issued to your bank account approximately 10 days after you send an email to us to redeem your Total Reward. International payments will may take several days to arrive in your bank account. You can see your Reward earnings history and pay outs in your Reward page. Pay outs may be delayed in cases where suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected. Please note that we only approve payments when your total Reward balance reaches at least 50,000 nCoins. To issue a Reward redeem request, email us at support@novelplus.co
Once you have created a NovelPlus account, click 'Write' on the bottom navigator, and then 'Start Writing'.
On top navigator, click on the 'Latest' to find your newly published novel, or simply search for your novel through the search bar.

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