Sweet Evil

Wendy Higgins

Fantasy Completed 2946

5 (1 ratings)


Nearly sixteen years ago... The newborn wailed as the midwife wrapped her in a receiving blanket and quickly handed her to Sister Ruth. Even stooped with age, the oldest nun at the convent exuded a regal air as she shushed the tiny bundle, attempting to shield her from the sight of her mother’s last breaths. In the corner of the sterile room a large man with a smooth, shaved head and goatee stood watching. Darkness fell over his face as the young midwife tried to resuscitate the woman on the bed. Sweat ran down the midwife’s temples as she continued chest compressions. She shook her head and spoke in a panicked murmur. “Where’s the doctor? He should be here by now!” The midwife didn’t see the soft shimmer of mist rise from the patient’s chest, then linger in the air above her body, but the man in the corner did. His eyes widened as another vapor, even stronger than the first, arose from the woman’s lifeless form. It took shape: a winged being of blinding purity. Sister Ruth gasped in wonder, then shifted the baby from her shoulder and cradled her upward to let her face show. The larger spirit swooped down and covered the infant girl in a kiss as soft as a breeze. It moved next to the man in the corner, who choked out a single sob, reaching for her. A tear escaped before he reined in his emotion. The spirit remained in front of him for one moment longer before gathering the weaker spirit into her arms and floating away as if on a wisp of wind. “I’m sorry. I—I don’t know what happened.” The midwife’s voice and hands shook as she pulled the sheet up over the woman’s small body. She crossed herself and closed her eyes. “You did all you could,” Sister Ruth said with gentleness. “It was her time.”

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Queen Nina

Assalamualaikum..bg readers yg suka baca novel genre crime jemput baca novel saya. INSPEKTOR LAILA

Wendy Higgins


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