Men at Arms

Terry Pratchett

Fantasy Completed 376

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Corporal Carrot, Ankh-Morpork City Guard (Night Watch), sat down in his nightshirt, took up his pencil, sucked the end for a moment, and then wrote: 'Dearest Mume and Dad, 'Well here is another fine Turnup for the Books, for I have been made Corporal!! It means another Five Dollars a month plus also I have a new jerkin with, two stripes upon it as well. And a new copper badge! It is a Great responsibility!! This is all because we have got new recruits because the Patrician who, as I have formerly vouchsafed is the ruler of the city, has agreed the Watch must reflect the ethnic makeup of the City—' Carrot paused for a moment and stared out of the small dusty bedroom window at the early evening sunlight sidling across the river. Then he bent over the paper again.

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Best. I love the story line. Congrats ??

Nia Azmi

Hai guys :) jemput baca story saya. Tajuk : Mission and Love. Thank you :)

Terry Pratchett


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