i got my life together

Liquea Hill

Family Series 408

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when i was homeless out here in the streets of boston i seen and heard a lot of shit that no kid should of heard or seen and i had a hard life growing up my mom was a crack head and she had no time for me she was chaseing her next fix and my so called step dad was some kind of sex offender that was how i felt and when she got pregant with my sister and brother shit got real she disowned me and staying beating me and shit but i didnt let that get to me i had to grow up fast we lived in fall river and i had to take care of my sister and brother they were babies i was 9 years old working for this food place sweeping out their parkimg lot for food to feed them i had to change dipers and and do baths all at 9 years old and i then had to call my aunt to help me get us to boston the father i dont have no clue where he was he was a dog anyways so what ever but the more of this story is i had a rough life growing up and didnt have time to be a kid like i was suppose to and when my mom moved to boston to her mothers house she was cracked out all most cause a fire in her house and didnt want to open the door so my grandmother end up cutting her and then my uncle pete did cause she wasnt going to open the door

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Liquea Hill


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