Laws and Engines

J. A

Romance Series 1139
(1 ratings)


Among piles of law books and wires, regulations and procedure, Lily and David meet each other. And regardless to say, a story is written between the cheerful law student and the private engineering student. Along with stages of relationship, comes rollercoaster ride of smiles and obstacles. Were they meant to stay together? Or the differences between them finally takes a toll on their fate? This is a strange story of Lily Claire Whites, and David Austin Smith. [ updates every sunday and wednesday, 5pm ]

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Elves :3

Hi awak! Im really sorry if kacau hehe...kalau ada masa terluang, jemput baca novel Haze iaitu “Musim Salju buat Mr Edward”. Tq^^

Junita Janet

will....can update please

J. A


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