the Hidden Kara

Diana Kupa

Fantasy Series 227

4.8 (5 ratings)


ANITA!" opened my enormous eyes, letting them get used to the the light. I swayed my eyes to where my mom was standing. Her hands on her hips. Now that l look at her closely, her healthy was deteriorating. Why had I not noticed this before. Her eyes had dark circles under. Her arms were bruised. "Mom!" She looked at me and smiled. I wanted to sink when she gave me that smile. That wasn't her smile. She looked distance, battling with something great. Something she could not bring herself to share with me. Her daughter, it hurts my guts. " Are you ok mom? What happened to your hands?" She smiled agian and took a handful of minutes before answering. "Ooh these dear... dont worry about them. You know I was just washing... l guess the washing powder... I think I react to it." I just looked at her, trying to make out a sentence while what she had said wasn't coming together. Itwasn't making any damn sense.

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gk capek yg membuat novel ini kk


Hy.. Giliran aka baca story saya.. Ayo kita saling dukung... Ditunggu mampirnya terimakasih

Diana Kupa


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