Chapter 6

"So, how's Dan doing?" asked Gina while sipping on a coffee in the coffee shop.

"He's alright. However he still need crutches to walk." told Cheryl. "Ugh, actually I don't feel comfortable seeing the physical therapist that working with Dan." she complained.

"What's up with her?"

Cheryl rolled her eyes. "Don't get me started because all I see is she's trying to flirt with Dan. Touching his body and..,"

"She's doing her job."

"I know but the way her body moves and that dirty hands touching Dan, it looks more than doing her job. That's why I'm coming up to you." She opened up. "I need your help. I already talk to Dan and he agrees to let you work with him replacing that flirty bitch."

"I don't know, Cheryl. I need to talk to my boss first about this." Gina leaned her back.

Cheryl held both of Gina's hand together. "Please think about it okay."

"Alright. Don't worry."


Jeff eyes opened wide as he heard the news from Gina. "Are you seriously going to work with Dan?"

"Yes. Matter of fact, I'm going to start it by tomorrow."

"No way. You're so lucky! I hope I can be as lucky as you." said Dana.

"We should celebrate it." Jeff suggested.

Dana narrowed her eyes at Jeff. "Yeah, man. I agree with you!" she give him five.

Later after work, as planned three of them went to the regular club they always went.

"Here's for being luckly!" Jeff raised his glass and toss it against his friends' glass.

"Yes!" Gina yelled out and drink the whole glass in one shot.

As they were enjoying their night in the club, all of the sudden, a familiar face walked into the frame. "Gina Harewood right?" the tall good looking man approached her. "I don't know whether you remember me but I'm Dan's best friend, Tony Harrington. We met at his party few weeks ago."

Gina drew her eyebrows together. Her head trying hard to remember him but nothing reminded her of him. "I'm sorry my brain not working with me right now but it's nice to meet you again though."

"Oh, he is hot. You should probably ask for his number." Jeff whispered to Gina ear. Gina quickly slapped Jeff's lap asking him to stop the nonsense.

"Can I join you guys since I am alone tonight?"

"Sure, have a seat." Jeff quickly offered.

Gina could only smile. But the night goes really great. Tony is an easy going guy. He knows how to make jokes and fit in really good in their group.