Chapter 9

Dan woke up with the sun scorching in his face. He rolled over to hug Cheryl, but immediately noticed that he was alone in bed. Strange. Usually he wakes up before Cheryl. Where could she have gone in this early morning? He turned over to the side table to get his phone but then he saw the box with the ring she gave to Cheryl and a small note.

'I'm sorry Dan. I can't be with you anymore. We're over. Goodbye.' - Cheryl.

He trailed his fingers through his hair and crumpled the paper and threw it on the floor. "Shit!" he screamed and began to toss all the stuff on the table to the floor.

Mrs. Rashawn who was about to enter his room to ask him to get himself ready for breakfast, shocked to hear the noises coming from her son's room. "What happened?" she asked and went foward to her son. Then her eyes caught on a crumpled paper on the floor. She took it and read the note. "That woman." she muttered and rushed out from Dan's room.

She went to Gina room which was upstairs and walked towards Gina who was just ready to start her day. "See, I knew there was something about that girl. Coming up in here pretending to care about my son, when all she really cared about was herself. Well, he doesn't need her. And he doesn't need you." she exclaimed, handing the note to Gina.

Gina took it for her hand and read it once. "I swear, i had no idea about this."

Mrs. Rashawn crossed her arms against her chest. "You leaving, too? Leave now."

"I'm leaving, but i will be back." Gina said and handed the paper back to Mrs. Rashawn then walked away.

Gina took her car keys and drove back to her parents house. She knows Cheryl would be there. Where else could she be? She doesn't even have family left other than them.

When climbed upstairs to Cheryl's room and barged in. Cheryl was just getting ready to go out when she came. "Have you lost your damn mind? I take a leave of absence from my job to help your man, who you just dumped, and you don't even give me a heads up?"

"I'm sorry. But how do you think i feel? I was really starting to like him." she said walking toward her dressing mirror and put on some make up.

"That's all you have to say? And with a note?" she yelled.

"It was better that way. You know he would've only tried to change my mind."

"Why Cheryl? Why'd you do it? I thought you said you love him! Why?"

"Because i want to be somebody! Okay? And it ain't gonna happen being the wife of some has-been player with some bullshit contract, living in some stupid city. You wanted to know why, now you know." she smirked like she don't have any regrets on leaving Dan.

"You can't possibly be this messed up." Gina shook her head in disappointment.

"You do you, and I do me, okay?" she said calmly.

Gina rolled her eyes. "I've been watching you "do you" your whole life. Using people, hurting them. Discarding boyfriends like old shoes."

Cheryl stopped and turned to Gina. "Oh, well, we all can't be Saint Gina Harewood."

"You got problems, Cheryl." Gina pointed her finger at Cheryl and slammed the door.


Gina knocked on Dan's room. He hasn't come out from his room since this morning. Mrs. Rashwood been trying to talk him out of it, but he still rather staying in his room. Being miserable.

"Dan? Dan, can I come in, please?" she asked. But still no answer from Dan. "I'm coming in," Gina opened the door and entered the room. "Dan, from the bottom of my heart. I'm so sorry. Cheryl didn't even...,"

"Is this part of your job?" Dan got up from his bed and glared at Gina.


"Then just stick to your job." he said and walked to the window of his room. Gina shrugged her shoulder and left him.