Chapter 16

Cheryl walked to the kitchen to get something to drink when she realized Dan was in there too. He was looking through his Instagram while having a red wine. "Hey, baby. What are you doing here?" she asked hugging him from behind.

"Nothing. I just can't sleep." he said and put away his Ipad.

She nodded. She took a glass from cabinet and poured water in it. "You know, when I was at the mall. I saw this one beautiful dress..."

"Did you buy it?" Dan cut in.

"No. Let me finish." Cheryl chuckled. "It was a wedding dress. So, I know this may be premature considering we just got back together. But I just couldn't help myself."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know exactly what I was talking about. I want us to continue our wedding." she said.

"Oh." Dan gulped one shot his wine and put the glass in the sink.

"That's it?" Cheryl furrowed her eyebrows. Dan doesn't look interested at all at the topic. "Dan, are you really giving us a second chance? Because if you're not, I deserve to know." she demanded.

Dan stopped in a middle of the way and looked over his shoulder. "You just came back to my life. After all that happened, I need to take things slow. I hope you're okay with that. Goodnight." he said and walked away.


Gina grabbed her paint pan and swiped the roller against the wall. The pale blue somehow made her smile. Her parents had always kept every wall in the house some shade of white. As if white really had different shades. But now, she didn't know what got into her dad's mind, he suddenly want to change to colour of their living room wall. It looks nice though, it makes the house look more alive.

It was fun helping out her dad with the painting. Not to mention how fun it is to dance through the job with her dad when the radio played their favorite song. Before they knew it, all the walls were done and she had streaks of blue on her arms and her jeans, but she felt relaxed. The colour definitely worked its magic.

She took a step back and surveyed their work. She probably wouldn't ever get work as a professional painter, but the results pleased her. After putting the lid on the can paint, she cleaned the rollers in the kitchen sink.

"Oh, honey, you should check your phone. It buzzed a few times." Kate told her daughter as she walked to the kitchen to brew a coffee for her husband.

"I'll get to it, later." Gina answered with a smile. After she's done, she walked to the living room and took her phone on the coffee table.

'You have three unheard messages.' said the voicemail's operator.

"Hello, I'm calling for Gina Harewood. Gina, this is Ronnie Barnes head athletic trainer for the New York Giants. Dan Rashawn tells me you're the reason for his quick recovery. I could use a pro like you on staff. Can you call me? My number is 602-555-0867. Looking forward to speaking with you."

Gina eyes widened as she quickly grabbed for pen and paper to write the number given.

"Hey, Gina. Von Miller with Denver Broncos.…"

"What?" Gina mouth was hung open in surprise. He's one of the top players in NFL.

"Our GM would typically make this kind of call, but i insisted that he let me do it. We need you, Gina. We want you to be our new trainer. Let's talk about it. Hit me up on my cell...," Von Miller told her his number and ended the voicemail.

She held her head with both of her hands. "You have got to be kidding me."

"Gina, this is Aaron Mack with the Boston Rebels. Listen. Great job with Dan. Incredible job, in fact. We want you to be an assistant athletic trainer with the Boston Rebels organization. Would love to talk with you about it. Give me a call at my office."

She was so excited that she was jumping around the living room like a monkey. "What happened?" Joe asked.

"Dad, you're not gonna believe this. I just got an offer from Boston Rebels to be their assistant athletic trainer. And there's also other teams that offers me." she told him.

Joe lips curled up into a smile and gave her a congratulations hug. "I'm glad to hear that, baby girl. So what teams you going to pick?"

Gina sighed and pulled away. Suddenly the thought of Dan snapped into her mind. She's dying to pick her favorite team, Boston Rebels but things just doesn't work out that way.


Nik rushed to the stairs and climbed up. "There he is," he said.

"It better be good." Dan stated, drying his hair with a towel.

"Oh, it's better than good." claimed Nik, walking closer to Dan. "I just got off the phone with the Boston Rebels management. Your new and improved contract looks like it's gonna close."

"Great!" Dan smiled.

"What's great are the terms of the five-year deal. Yeah, it's a good day. Got a new client. Gina." Nik mentioned.


Nik nodded. "Yeah, after the work she did with you, she's become a hot commodity. Five teams offered her a training position, including the Boston Rebels."

Dan lifted his eyebrow. "She's working with the Boston Rebels?"

"No, she turned them down. But she's seriously weighing an offer from the Denver Broncos." Nik told him.

Dan trailed his fingers through his hair. He knows she's running from him. That's for sure.