Chapter 10

Dan conditions was getting worst. He didn't want to talk to anyone even with Tony. He doesn't even eat anything but drinking beer and playing games. Dan becomes extremely upset, discouraged to continue recovery especially with all the rumors that had been going about his career. Gina even cancelled her plan with Tony because she was worried about Dan.

"He still refuse to eat?" asked Gina.

Mrs. Rashawn shook her head and put the tray on the counter. Gina sighed. If he continues like this, things will get worse.

"I know what to do," she said and took the wine bucket and filled it with ices.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Rashawn Stopped Gina.

"Trust me." Gina begged and Mrs. Rashawn let go of Gina's hand. She watched Gina walked to Dan's room with the bucket.

She goes into the room and threw the ices on Dan. "What the...," Dan quickly get up from his sleep.

"Get up!"

"Gina, what are you doing?" he yelled.

"Get up. You're coming with me."

"What? I'm not coming…,"

Gina poured the ices again on Dan. "Shit..., cut this off!" he said.

"You're coming with me!" Gina affirmed.

"I'm not going any...," just when he's about to say something, Gina's hand ready to throw the ices that left in the bucket. "Okay! Okay!" his hands raised up high, asking her to stop.

Gina stared at Dan to make sure he really mean it. Dan swung his legs to the side of the bed. "I gotta get dressed!" Dan said, signalling her to go out of his room. Gina turned around and walked to the door with a smile on her face.

She grabbed her keys and started her car engine as she waited for Dan outside his house. After a few minutes of waiting, Dan came out from his house. He doesn't use crutches anymore, so he's fine walking without her help.

With a moody look on his face, he hopped in and closed the door. "No offence, but I really think it's time you need a new whip." he commented on Gina's car.

"It just needs a little work, that's all." Gina stated. "Seat belt, come on." she ordered and drove their way to a field that open for public where bunch of kids were playing football for fun with their friends.

"How'd you know?" he asked as he sat on the side bench.

"I'm a fan." Gina reminded him. "Besides, Dana's nephew is here everyday. He's right over there" she pointed her finger at Dana's nephew.

"I haven't been here for years. This field kept me out of a lot of trouble." he said smiling. "Everyday practicing for hours, dreaming that one day I can be someone that I had been wishing for."

"Every time I come here, I'm just amazed at the raw talent that some of these kids have. And how no matter how good they are, most of them will never make it to the NFL." Gina said to Dan. "But not you. You're blessed. You made it. Your dream came true." she added.

Dan sighed. What Gina said was true. He thought to himself.

"That's Dan Rashawn!" suddenly the kids realize his existence and ran to him.

"Oh well. Seems like you've been spotted." Gina smiled.

The kids started to mob around him and talking to him, giving him his spirit again. He knows he shouldn't gave up in the first place. "You really think you could get me back by the playoffs?" he turned to Gina as they both back to her car.

"Yeah. We got up to eight weeks. Buy you're going to hate me by the time I'm through with you." Gina wiggled her eyebrows and Dan began to laugh.


It's been crazy weeks, Dan worked all out for his training. Gina helped a lot in motivate him to never gave up and to trust his leg.

"Here taste this," said Mrs. Rashawn feeding a cookie into Gina's mouth.

"That's one delicious cookie. Can i have more?" Gina complimented with her eyes widened.

Mrs. Rashawn grinned and nodded her head. "Sure, you can."

"Hey, mom." Dan gave a kiss on her mother cheek as he walked into the kitchen, joining them.

"Hey, baby. You looking great."

"Yes, I do." Dan responded and rested his hand on Gina's shoulder. "You realize how good you are at this?"

"Yeah, right." Gina rolled her eyes and shove another cookie to her mouth.

"No, seriously. You're doing a great work." he said.

"Well it's not often i get to combine my love of football with my job."

"Maybe this shouldn't be a one time thing." Mrs. Rashawn interrupted.

"Yeah, mom was right. I mean why not work you program full time? Take it to the pro level." he agreed.

"The NFL?" Gina asked.

"Why not?" he shrugged his shoulders.

Gina pouted her mouth and nodded. "I guess I could see myself hanging with bunch of hot, sweaty guys." she laughed and went to wash her hands.

"That's not cool, Gina." Dan commented.

Mrs. Rashawn shook her head and chuckled. She loves seeing how Dan's friendship with Gina getting closer day by day.