Chapter 5

Gina never missed Boston Rebels game. The stadium was crowded with young anf old fans, gathered to support their home tean. It was warm, around sixty degrees without a hint of rain in the forecast. She can't wait to see Boston Rebels beating the CSL.

Two hours later, the noise from crowd was deafening. The gane was in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter. Boston Rebels lead 24-17. However, before they could ends the game suddenly one of the player from CSL running towards Dan and jumped above him. Dan was crying in pain as he fell on the ground touching his knee. "Oh, no." Gina stood in surprise

Dan left the field and was examined by doctors on the sideline before they brought out the cart to take him to the locker room.


"What's his story doctor?" asked Nik as he saw a doctor entering the patient room where Dan was treated.

"Well, he suffers posterior cruciate ligament which four of the ligaments were critical to the stability of the knee. If some hardwork and a little bit of luck, he might be back into the training camp." said the doctor.

"Training camp? We're in a contract negotiations, I have to get him back before the playoff." told Nik in frustration.

Dan closed his eyes and sighed. "Can I have a talk with you both for a few minutes?" Nik asked.

"Yeah sure." Mrs. Rashawn nodded same goes to Cheryl. Three of them walked out of the room.

"Look, we need to be prepared the possibility that Dan's football career could be over." he told them.

"Over?" Cheryl repeated in shock.

"If rehad doesn't work, there is no way he could play with unstable knee. He needs to begin rehabilitation immediately and i mean aggressively." Nik explained.

Mrs. Rashawn held her head. "Oh God, how could this happen." she groaned in frustration