Chapter 17

Gina's phone rang. She put her uniform in her bag and answered the phone call. "Hey, mom." she said. She listened to what her mother told her and nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm out with my friends tonight." she notified her mom. "Okay, mom. See you at home." she ended the phone call with a smile on her face.

After making sure her appearance looks good. She went out from the locker room. Jeff and Dana were outside waiting for her.

"Tony texted me, he already on his way. By the way, how do I look?" she turned her body around, showing off her dress.

"Gorgeous, birthday girl. Come on let's go." Dana wrapped her hand around Gina and walked to Gina's car.

"I should say, Dan really did a great job with your car." Jeff complimented when they hopped in into the car.

"Yeah," Gina smiled. She started the engine and drove their way to the bar.

As they arrived, they walked into the bar and wandering around, searching for Tony

"Oh, there's your boyfriend." Jeff teased, pointing his finger at Tony's direction.

Gina rolled her eyes. "Shut up. He's not my boyfriend." she stated and walked towards the table. "Hey, Tony." she greeted as she took a seat beside him.

"Hey, birthday girl!" Tony gave her a hug. "Here's something for your birthday." he handed a box of gift to Gina.

"Thank you." Gina responded.

"Oh, no." Dana muttered as she saw Cheryl walking towards them with Dan Rashawn.

Jeff tilted his head at Gina. "Who invited that bitch?"

"'s me." Tony chimed in. "Jeff told me I could invite anyone, so i invited Dan since he's one of Gina's friend too. Is something wrong?"

"No! Nothing is wrong." Gina cut in before Jeff could say anything.

"Yeah, the more the merrier." Dana faked a smile. She raised her hand and called the waitress to order drinks for them.

"Gina! Happy Birthday!" Cheryl said as she getting closer to them. She opened her arms and hugged Gina as Gina got up from her seat to hug her. "I miss you so much, G." she stated and took a seat beside Jeff and asked Dan to sit beside her. "Get us whiskey, please" Dana told the waitress who was taking order from Dana. "So, Gina, I heard you went to Denver last Saturday. How's it goes?"

"I was just checking the facilities, but I haven't made any decision yet." Gina answered.

Few minutes later the waitress came back with their orders and served jt to their table.

"Why are you choosing Denver?" suddenly Dan speaking.

"Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Don't you like working with us?" Tony agreed.

"Oh, God. There's goes the million dollar question." Dana muttered and drank the drink in her glass.

Gina sighed and shrugged her shoulder. "I guess I just want to try a new environment with new people." she leaned her back and gulped the drink with one shot.

"Can I have another one of this?" Cheryl demanded raising her glass to the waiter.

"I need to go to the toilet." Gina excuses herself.

She pushed the door to bathroom and wash her face on the sink, washing off all the thin layer of make up on her face. Just when she thought tonight going to be the best birthday she had and everything starts to go the other way around like luck never on her side. She took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh before went out from the bathroom.

"I'm sorry," a hand grabbed her wrist. "I know you don't want to see me here."

Gina glared at Dan and jerked her hand away. "Please, we need to talk." Dan blocked her way.

"I don't see any reason why we need to talk." Gina commented.

"Yes, we do." as he heard someone walking towards the bathroom, he quickly pulled Gina out from the bar through the back door.

"What's wrong with you?" Gina yelled and pushed him with both of her hand.

"I know why you're willing to work with Denver Broncos. It's because...,"

"Because I want a new experience. Not because of you. It was never you." she affirmed.

Dan stared at Gina. "I know you, Gina. I know you're lying."

"You don't know me!" she said and walked towards the door but Dan once again blocked her way with his hand.

"Cheryl cheated on me." he lower down his head and smirked. "I saw her out with a guy. I thought they were just friends but then I saw them holding hands, kissing…ugh...I realized how stupid I am to choose her over you."

"So? Don't you think it's too late to realize that?"

"I want you back, Gina. I love you. I know that now."

Gina rolled her eyes. "No, what you know now is that the woman that you were gonna marry is not the woman you thought she was. So now here you are, looking for Plan B. Right? You want your best friend, your cheerleader that was there for you when the chips were down? Well, guess what, Dan. I don't want to be Plan B. And I won't be that even for Dan Rashawn." she pushed him aside and made her way back to their table. "I'm sorry, guys. I need to go. I'm not feeling well. Please, do enjoy your night." she took her purse and ran out from the bar.

Seconds later, Dan came. "Great, now I know why." Jeff said in annoyance. "Come on, Dana. Let's go home, there's nothing to celebrate here now. Thanks to whoever that invite them." he pulled Dana and they followed Gina from behind.

"You can't blame him, Jeff. Tony did nothing wrong." Gina said as she drove away from the car park.

"Are you kidding me? Tony was the one who invited them. Ugh! I shouldn't invite him in the first place. Now, I'm ruining your birthday." Jeff complained.

"Jeff, I'm fine okay. Let's just not making things worse." Gina asserted.

Dana nodded. "Yeah, how about we went to my apartment instead? I have some beers in my fridge and we can order pizza as your cake. What do you say? Just three of us celebrate your birthday. There's still few hours before your birthday is over."

Gina smiled. "Yeah, that's a good idea." It was just nice to have friends like them that turns bad day into something better.