Chapter 15

It's been almost a week since Gina left the house, it felt empty without Gina's voice in it. Dan brew some coffee and poured it into his cup and Tony's. "Where's Gina?" Tony asked, looking around the house to find Gina.

"Her work is done, so she went home." Dan answered.

"Oh. I just thought of taking her out for go karting today. Because we supposed to go few months ago, but you're not doing really well that time so she cancelled the plan. Since today is Sunday, i thought she would be free to go out. But apparently she's not here."

"Is Ashley okay about you going out with Gina?"

"Ashley?" Tony crinkled his forehead. "Why would she cares? We already split months ago."

"Why so?"

"She's a gold digger, man. You sure don't wanna end up with a gold digger. They have no shame at all." Tony told him while sipping the coffee and typing something on his phone.

Dan smiled bitterly. "Oh. Anyway, do you want some cookies? My mom actually made this for Gina but...,"

Before he could ends, Tony's phone rang signalling a message received. He checked the phone and his lips curved up into a smile. "Oh, man. I would love to hang out but i need to rush. Gina just send me her location. I need to go. Glad to meet you by the way." he shook Dan's hand and rushes out of the house.

Dan sighed. Is he really that close with Gina? His heart wondered.


"He slept with you and left you the next morning? That guy is crazy." Dana said, shaking her head in disbelief.

Gina shrugged her shoulder. "I just doesn't see it coming."

"He's not worth it, Gina. Someone like him is just a waste of your time. Useless and disappointing." Jeff asserted. "He is blind as a bat to see a gold digger digging his pocket."

Gina tittered. "Well, at least working with him did help me realize what I want to do next. I want to be an athletic trainer in the NFL."

"I didn't know they had women trainers in NFL." Jeff commented.

"Not that many, but they do. I think i should at least give it a try." Gina answered. Just then her phone buzzed. She bent her head down to check her phone.

"What's with the smile?" Jeff came up to Gina's side and looked down on her phone.

"It's Tony. He asked whether I…i mean 'we' would like to go go-karting with him this afternoon." Gina turned to him still smiling.

"Oh, look who's just got herself a date." Dana beamed at Gina.

"Shut up. It's not a date, because I'm going to take you guys with me whether you like it or not." Gina explained.

"Oh, we're not coming alright." Jeff refused. "We're not going to ruin your date."

"You guys are out of your mind. Anyway I'm sending him our location, he said he wants to come by." Gina told them and texted Tony.


The engine roared as she shot foward. Gina's eyes frantically shot to the odometer, and she noted that she was almost approaching the limit speed. Oh God! She screamed again as she took another curve, and that was pretty much how the rest of the race went. Except she wasn't really screaming from fear, it was exhilaration. Freedom.

"That was a good race. You're good at this." Tony climbed out and took his helmet off then reached out a hand to her to help her out.

"Thank you. I really hope that two asses coming with us but...pff! Whatever. Their loss." Gina said referring to Dana and Jeff who pretends to have some emergency and couldn't come with them. She walked to a bench and sat down to straighten her legs.

Tony opened a mineral water and handed it to Gina. "How do you feel?"

"I feel incredible. Thank you." she said, giving him a thumbs up.

He wrapped his arms around her. "You're welcome. Glad you had fun."

"There's only one problem." she said, edging back.

His brow furrowed. "What? You're okay, aren't you? You didn't get sick?"

"Sick? Of course not. Who do you think I am?" she said smiling. She grabbed Tony by his collar and pulled his hand closer. "I'm hungry." she whispered.

Tony chucked her under the chin playfully. "Let's go, then." he held her hand and walked her back to his car. After a few discussion, they both agreed to get some food at a McDonald's drive-thru, and while we finished our foods, he took Gina for a walk at the park.

"So, it's true then you have a girlfriend?"

"I was. But we broke up. Remember when we met in the bar? That was the day I broke up with her." he told Gina. "I was upset at that time, but you and your friends made my day."

Gina nodded. "You're a good guy. Good guy deserve a better person."

"I know. That's why I got my eyes on this one girl." he mentioned.

"Really huh? So who's the lucky girl?"

"I'm not gonna tell but you'll know."

"Well, if you need a help I could always be your wingman." she affirmed.

"Wingman...," he snorted. "Don't worry, i got my eyes on the price." he hooked his hand around Gina's neck.