Chapter 14

Gina woke up with a smile plastered on her face. She stretched her arms to the other side of the bed, expecting Dan to be lying beside him, much to her disappointment no one was there. As she opened her eyes she's alone on bed. She rubbed her eyes and sat up glancing at the surrounding when she noticed a note in the breakfast tray that served on her side table.

'I'm out for jog. Enjoy.' - Dan.

Her lips curled up into a smile as she read the note. Last night was the greatest night of her life. She can't even believe she woke up on Dan's bed, this morning.

She jumped of her bed and went to her room to get herself ready before she eats her breakfast. After she was done. She helped made the bed and brought the empty try downstairs when suddenly she heard the door bell rang. She put the tray in the sink and quickly get the door. "Coming!" she shouted.

But as she opened the door, someone who she doesn't expected was standing in front of doorway. "Hi." Cheryl greeted.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I want to talk to Dan. Come on, let me in." she said with a smile and walked into the house without even getting herself invited by Gina.

"Dan's not here."

"Oh. I'll wait for him." she stated and open her arm to hug Gina. "I miss you." she said hugging Gina. "You have a glow today. Has everything been good?" she commented.

However, before Gina could answer Cheryl. The sounds of door opened stops her. They both turned to the tall figure that just walked in. It was Dan.

Dan was stunned to see Cheryl was there. He took his cap off and shoved it into his jacket.

"Hey, baby." Cheryl smiled gently.

Gina looked at Dan, and leave them to talk.

"I know you're probably wondering what I'm doing here." Cheryl walked towards Dan and held his hand but Dan snatched it back.

"Yeah, you shouldn't just come by without…,"

"But please Dan, what i have to say is long overdue. I am so sorry i left you that note..."

Gina stopped in the middle of the way and hide behind the wall to hear what they were talking.

"But i didn't know what to do. I was so confused." Cheryl continued. "My mom died when I was three. My dad left after the day my fifth birthday and somehow i knew. I'd never seen him again. And i never did. I was terrified. Terrified of loving someone completely, only to watch them walk out of my life one day. So, i'd run." she explained with a teary eyes.

"I wouldn't have left you, Cheryl. I know how it feels like to be abandoned." Dan wiped off the tears on Cheryl's face.

Gina was broken. She knows Dan wants Cheryl back to his life. She felt like the Plan B all over again. She shook her head and went to her room. It's time for her ti get the hell out of here. She doesn't belong here.

"But i know me. And i would have left you way before that ever happened. That's why i went to get help. Dan, if there's an ounce of something, you still feel for me. Please give us a chance. I love you." she stroked his hair. "Baby, we're meant to be together." she gazed into his eyes.

Dan sighed. "I think you should go. I need time to think."

Tears flowing on her cheeks again. "Okay." she nodded and touched his shoulder as she slowly walked away. "Tell Gina I say goodbye, okay?"

Just as Cheryl left, Dan quickly ran up to Gina's room. "Where are you going?" he asked when he saw Gina packing her things inside the luggage.


"Gina, why are you leaving?"

"You tell me why I'm leaving.

"About three months ago this was the woman I planned to spend the rest of my live with. She's gone through a lot to be with me. Gina, the last thing i ever wanted to do was to hurt you." he going back and forth tailing Gina. "You are so special to me.

"I know I am special to you, Dan. A very special friend."

"You are."

"Well that's not enough for me! I told you that I don't want it to be just a one night thing and you said it won't but then you broke every promise you said last night. So, thank you." she zipped up her luggage and carried it out from the house.

She threw her bag inside her car and started the engine. As she waited for the engine heated up, her heart was still hoping that Dan would chase her and beg her not to go but he's not. She was crying her heart out as she drove her car back to her parents house.


"The backyard look nice, dad." she complimented her dad. Her eyes wandered around while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate that her mom made for her.

Kate knows her daughter was having a bad day so she made something to ease the pain.

Joe stared at her daughter. "You're ready to tell me what happened?"

"I'm fine, dad."

"But your sore eyes shows you're not. Come on, tell me kid." he held his daughter hand.

"I did something bad to myself. I believed in something that unstable and now I'm the one who is broken. It hurts, dad. It just hurts." Gina pouted her mouth, trying hard to hold back her tears. She was glad that Cheryl wasn't here. Her mom told her, Cheryl didn't live in the house anymore. Cheryl left the house when she started to date with some model. She guess, things doesn't work out with that model so she crawled back to Dan.

Joe trailed his fingers through Gina's hair. "You know, I got something that could made you feel better." he got up and click the switch and all the fairy lights in the backyard light up.

It was beautiful.

"I feel a lot better, dad. This is amazing."

"I know," He pulled Gina to his side and comfort her with a hug.