Chapter 7

"I couldn't said how much i appreciate you coming here." Cheryl thanked her and walked Gina to the living room. "He's upstairs and the job basically yours." she remarked.

"Wait, you're not staying?" Gina asked.

"No, i have 'charity' to attend." she emphasized. When she said charity it means shopping. "Oh, by the way, Dan's mother is here. Be careful with her. She's a pill." warned her and left the house.

"Okay," Gina understood. She put her backpack on the floor and climbed up the room where Dan was playing game. "Not good." she commented and went immediately towards him.

"Hey, i didn't even know you were here." Dan said while playing his video game.

"You know having your leg bend like that and not elevated while you chiling at home is the worst thing you could ever do for torn PCL. Didn't your doctor told you that?" she started nagging.


"And where's your icepack?" she looks around. "Come on, let's get this up." she slowly lifted Dan's leg on the couch. "Is that better?"

"Yeah, that's a lot better." Dan smiled. "Cheryl told you the job full time right?"

"Full-time, live in, and my boss cool with me taking absent so we good to go." she answered.

"Dan..," Mrs. Rashawn rushed in. Dan turned his head to her mother. "The office keep calling asking about the game you broke record on."

"Oh, you should've known it, mom. You're the president of my fan club." he said in a smile.

"You must be talking winning 41 - 10 at New York Jets. Had a one-yard touchdown run to give the Vikings a 16-13 lead with 23 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter in Week 9. Has 23 career games with at least 100 receiving yards, the third-most by a tight end in NFL history." Gina interjected. "I've been a football fan before I could walk so...," she lifted her shoulder.

Mrs. Rashawn looked at Gina with a big smile on her face. "When you finish with him, come to the fan club. We could use you." she said. When she's about to left the room. She stopped and turned to her son. "I like her by the way." she stated. "She might look a little bit grungy for a girl but I like her." she added and continued walking.

Dan stared at Gina and couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't just his mom that was impressed by her but also himself.


Gina was done for today. She was taking her night off at the regular place. "So how's Dan doing?" Tony asked while feeding a slice of meat into her mouth.

It's been a week since Gina started to work with Dan and she can see a little progress from Dan's performance. "He's doing great."

Tony nodded. "Are you free this weekend?"

"What time?"

"Sunday, 7 p.m."

Gina pouted her mouth, having a thought for a few seconds. "I think I could do that depends on where you're taking me."

"Somewhere that involves go karts?"

"Oh, no. You don't." her gazed quickly glued on Tony's face and a smile spreads across her face showing how exciting she was.

"Yeah," He nodded as he swallowed what he was chewing. "Dana and Jeff told me that you always wanted to try go karting, so I guess I could take you there."

"You're the greatest."

"I know. Anyway, I book the whole tracks for us. So if you want to bring your friends along, I won't mind."

"That would be even great. Thank you, Tony." Gina smiled holding his hand gently.

After they are done, Tony drove Gina to Dan's house as she is now living with Dan and Cheryl since she's working full-time and the job need her to stay in the house. "Can I see Dan?" he asked as he walked Gina to the entrance.

"Yeah, i think he's upstairs. Come, let me show you the way." Gina led Tony to Dan's to the living room, where he always chiling. As she thought so, Dan is in the living room watching TV. "Hey, someone's here to see you."

"Tony! Come in, dude." Dan invited him.

"I go get something for you guys." Gina said and left to the kitchen.

Tony plopped down besides Dan and patted his back. "How you feeling, man?"

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm good." Tony answered.

"So, what's up? What are you doing here?" Dan asked.

"I came to send Gina home. So since I'm here, I had to come check on my big homie."

"Yeay, yeay, it's getting better. I'm gonna be good, thanks to Gina."

Tony nodded his head. He was glad that his best friend doing better. "Actually i really didn't come here to talk about your leg."

"Well, what's up?" Dan lifted his left eyebrow.

"There's a rumor going around that's saying the Boston Rebels aren't going to re-sign you."

Gina who was about to enter the living room was stunned. "What? The Boston Rebels without Dan Rashawn?"

"No. Come on, man." Dan sighed.

Tony shrugged his shoulders.

"I mean, I'm always gonna be a Boston Rebel."

"Alright. I'm just telling you what's up. I don't wanna lose my best buddy in my team either." Tony said.

"Yeah, for sure."