Chapter 1

Author's P.O.V

Sky frowned just as the door of the car get open and the wind hit her face.

She didn't want to be here.

Her parents has been divorced for as long as she could remember.

She lived with her mother. Her mother was a short petite woman.

Her father hates her,he always wanted a boy,the news had hit her like a dagger straight through the chest.

From then onwards she had refused to meet him, acknowledge his presence at all. She didn't want to be a burden on someone.

Of course her mother didn't know that she had found out the secret she was keeping only to save her from the pain but she found peace in the painful truth.

Her father had remarried and had one step son. And now she was being forced to move in with his father.
His father lived in Basin City with his family.

She shared no similarity with her mother but the same petite frame other than that she was walking copy of her father, blonde hair,pale rosy skin and deep blue eyes.

Tears came into her eyes as she thought of her mother who passed away two weeks ago due to cancer.
She had screamed and sobbed as doctors gave her the news.

It was difficult. Very difficult.

She was depressed.

Then there was the issue of custody.
At first she thought her uncle would  be given the custody. But the court had said that her condition wasn't stable and they wanted to hand her over to someone who would keep a 'close eye' on her and that's when her dad came into the picture and now,here she is, going to start her life in Basin City, with the father who never wanted her.

She looked at her father as she get out of car,followed him was a woman with Burnett hair and pale brown eyes in a yellow sundress and flats. Her hair was in a braid. She guessed she was the woman whom her father married.

"Sky this is my wife Linda." Her father says.

"Nice to meet you." Sky says out of courtesy and the woman grins.

To be honest,she seemed more kind and trustworthy than her father.

"Pleasure." She replies.

They look at her smiling and she shyly looks down not knowing what to do.

"Let's go inside. You'll love your new room baby girl." Her father says.

"Linda,can you please show sky her room while I pick Blake from the school."Her father says and she nods.

Linda makes her up a flight of stairs and sky noticed that she didn't even flinch during her course as she lifted the two heavy suitcase with her.

She enters a room whose wall were painted in dark purple. The curtains were a light Shade of purple where as the queen bed in the middle of the room had a blue bed spread. The room was fairly large with big window and a big bookshelf. There was a small closest and a door that probably lead to a bathroom on the other side of the room.

Linda places the suitcase on the floor.

"I hope you like your room." Linda says.

"It's very nice. And thank you for all of this." Sky says when a yawn escapes her lips.

"Tired?" She asks.

"Yeah." Sky mumbles.

"Okay,make yourself comfortable and if you need anything then we will be downstairs." She says.

"I think I'm going to take a nap but thank you." Sky says.

She stretches as she close the door. Suddenly she felt as if something was watching her, straight right through her soul making a shiver go down her spine.

She looks outside the window when spots a pair of yellow eyes looking at her and the next moment it was gone.

She thought she's just imagining so she kept the thought aside, changed her clothes and went  to bed.


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