Chapter one

A cheerful and a sweet little girl with excitement was waiting for her mother in the waitingshed in the school campus.One after another,her friends had left with their parent.She was left the last one.Fortunately,her class teacher who was with her was her Aunt,the younger sister of her mother.Aunt Marie.

"Don't worry Rosie,i am here.."Aunt marie said and wondering as her sister.Chonghoi,was always there an hour before the school end.

"what could have happen to her that she got this late "

She then dialed her phone number to enquired.After calling couples times when no one answered.She then called Rose father.Jangkholun Khongsai,a primary government teacher and a chief of two village in the rural areas.

By that time he was just arriving at the school.He apologised to Aunt Marie to have her wait and walked to her princess who was sitting in crossed arm and probably sulking.

"I am so princess"

He apologised but seems it didnt worked.

"Alright..can you forgive me if i take you to your favourite cake shop..aren't you daddy princes?"

She blink and nodded "hmm..'

"I want a big birthday cake"

"Off course.."

He tried to carry her but she refused and walk up to a white maruti suzuki 800 car park infront of the school gate which her father had recently bought.She open the back door and sat silenly.Her father asked if she was still sulking or not.She didnt responded.

"all right,Lets go princess"

Well when they got into the cake shop,that sulking face just vanished.

"Daddy i want this much big cake..i want that one"

"Sorry dear...we can't have that..we have order it before... and i'm sure you will like close your eyes...its a surprise.."

"Can i open now.."

"1 2 3"

"Wow..A pink princess Cake...Its bigger that that..I love it Papa..Thankyou Papa"

They put the cake in the front seat and Rose sat on the back.Excited to reach home.

"But Papa..The name on the cake is not written Princes"

"Well...thats your name...the name i gave are my princess but Rose is your name "


"You know,when you were looks so beautiful like flowers and it gives me the joy of seeing a flower bloom in are like the flower..Rose ...which means Joy and love "

Driving from the heart of the town,Lamka to the south.A fifteen driving distance from the Lamka baazar to Happy valley.

As soon as she got down from the car,she ran to the house and was surprise to see the house adorned with festival lights,balloons,colour paper cuts in different shapes and many others staffs hanging arounds the house.

" Joe,Brother Min" she shouted excitedly.

"I got a big cake..."

Her mother who was cooking in the kitchen came out.

"Is that big is it..?"

"very very big.."mama

"where are my brothers?"

"Here i am..Princess.." said her older brother,Minky seven years older to her.

"Happy Fifth Birthday Princess"

"Nah..i havent cut the cake yet and i m still four"



"yes you are"

"No i am not"

Rose ran about the house laughing being chased by her brother.Then she ran to her father and complaining about her brother knowing her father always sided her.

Her mother from the kitchen shouted,

"Dinners ready..we need to be ready before our guest arrive".They all sat around the dining table and waited for the eldest son who was on his way to the house.

"where have brother joe gone?"

"I can't tell..its a secret" laught her mother.

"what secret?"

"thats what i can't tell"

"But why?

"Because i promise your brother"


"well,princess...when you make a cannot break it...and you tell me why you have so many question?" answered her father and they all laught in unision.

"Because i dont know" which was more funier.they laught again and stop until jotham joined them.Her mother stood up and prayed to God for the blessing they received.

After sometime later and before the birthday programed began.They all arrange the bench and in the middle of the living room,they put a table.and on top of it,the put the pink princess cake.Everything was perfectly done.At around Sixth o clock in the evening,family,friends and relatives who were invited had arrived one by one.They also invited their local church pastor.They gave over the big and small present they brought to Rose.

As the programme began,Rose sat bewteen her parents and brothers on side by side.The paster stood up and prayed before God for blessing.Then,the people gather there began singing and clapping their hands,


She was full of joy and thought that she was such a fortunate person to have such a happy and loving family.
She make her wishes and on acount of three she blew off the candle.

She slice the cake and feed her mother.she in turned kiss her on her chick and feed her too.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter for the family and the people who had attend the burthday.

But who would have thought,That happiest moment can turned to a horrible and Darkest moment in just a blink of an eye.

The little five years old girl thanked her mother for the unfailling love and support.Suddenly,Something terrible happened.

Her mother collapsed unable to breathe.

Her father trying to give air,her brothers were crying and there she was standing watching her mother dies infront of her.Aunt marie took her out of sight but she look back once and saw the pain and agony in her mother eyes.That was the last time she saw her mother