[1] «·Prologue·»


I feel sick about of all this! First of all, I have to move out from my house which is I love it so much! Second, my parents forced me to move to another school. I really hate the idea, I really do not like my new school.

Seriously, it is like hell! The mansion of mine is so far away from my old school that I have to move even though I refuse the idea. That night, my mind's full with the memories of two days ago.


''MiHye!'' my mom calls. Yes, Park MiHye is my name to be exact.

''Yes mom, coming!'' I answer.

''See, who's coming?''

Okay, as I have been told, my father's friend with his family wants to have a dinner together and I found it is so uncomfortable. Ah Really! Hell, I want to run away from this new house.

And I get stuck when I found out that my father's friend is my neighbours!

I informed my mom that I did not want to get involved in this annoying dinner since two days ago. Like SERIOUSLY! But my mom did not want to hear any excuses that I have made. And now I am here, in the dining room, with those people and guess what? I do not even remember who they are.

'' Yes~ please come in" my father invites politely, ''We're going to talk our plans at dining table'' my father smiles.

''Yes, sure why not.'' the man in green colour shirt answers.

Regarding from what I could see here, their family have four members unlike me, a small family with the only three members. I wondered why I had to be here since they want to talk about their plans and I am pretty sure it is just about business.

I sigh heavily.

During our dinner, my eyes plastered to their only son. He wears a gray jacket. His hair... Bangs style. Who would not fall for him straight away? I like his appearance but not his attitude.

Okay~ he is smirking. MiHye, do not stare at him! I reminded myself.

Buzz, Buzz

What? Oh! I snapped out of my trance and looks down at my phone, I have put it on silent mode so it is vibrating.

From: Unknown

'Well, Am I too handsome to stare?'

What the hell is this?! Who is this? I don't even know this number. What does the message tell? Stare? Handsome?

What the... My mind stops thinking and abruptly my eyes automatically look at the boy who sits in front of me.

My thought gathered in my mind. Where did he get my number? Did my mom tell him or something?

I want to reply. 'where did you found out my num..'

I do not send it yet when my phone beeps again. It is a message from the same number.

From: Unknown

'where did I found out your number? Or that is your problem to stare me? Is that what u gonna reply? Well, it will just waste your phone credit'

How does he knew what I am thinking?! What the heck he is?! My phone beeps again. I rolled my eyes.

'I am not a wizard, it is just 2 obvious'

Well, maybe I should not reply to those messy messages. I look at him again. I see his smirk! Damn!

''So, all of us are agreeing now. Same answer goes to you right, MiHye?'' My father's friend asks.

I blank. What?

''Err.. About what?'' I ask.

''What are you thinking about right now?! We're just talking about the same topic from earlier!'' my mom stares at me.

''Sorry.'' I apologise.

''It's okay! So we're talking about marriage between you and Taehyung.'' my father's friend answers.

What the fuck?! I swear that my heart is burning like crazy. I cough hardly.

Why and how do this all happen?! My eyes get wide. Before I could say anything, my father replies for me.

''Mr. Kim, it's okay, she is going to agree with the plans.''

What?! Wait! Plans? Oh! I see... That is their usual plans. What for?! Business? I have to get married for business? That is such a stupid reason!

My phone beeps again. What? Who.. Aahh! This number! So, his name is Taehyung? I save his number and look at him again.

He smirks (Seriously, again? Didn't he know how to react other than just smirk?)

I rolled my eyes.

From: You

'Should WE have some talk for A WHILE?'

From: Taehyung

'We have to?'

From: You

'No -_-'

From: Taehyung

'Good then ' My heart burns!

''I'm deadly like serious!'' I said loudly in front of everyone, abruptly.

They are all look shocked with my sudden outburst that came out from my mouth. I smile awkwardly.

''Sorry Mr Kim, Mrs Kim, can I borrow your son for awhile?'' I ask.

''Oh, sure darling! Just call me mom, instead though!'' Mrs Kim smiles at me.

I smile back.

I get up from my chair while shooting a death glare for Taehyung. My eyes said something like ' If you want to live longer, then follow me now'

He chuckles.

''Mr and Mrs Park, please excuse us,'' he said and rises up from his chair.


I sit under the gazebo while waiting for Taehyung; he sits beside me when I notice his present.

''You knew it earlier, right?'' I ask.

''Is that important now?'' he laughs like it is really hilarious. "Anyway, I'll get my shares!'' he said shamelessly.

''What shares?'' I inquire, curiously.

''My father's company shares with your family's company. You don't have to know about that anyway. That's not your problem and if I tell you straightaway you will not going to understand it anyway''

What?! I do not have to know? What is he talking about? I am the one who will be married to him! Is he still saying that it is not my problem? It is about my life too! My future and am I too dumb proceed my brain to understand his explanations if he explains in details to me?

"Please, use your brain while saying something. " I smirk. ''I don't want this marriage to happen, so do you have any girlfriend or whatsoever that will go to interrupt this marriage?'' I ask before sighing.

''What? You can not do that though! I do not even want this marriage going further! Okay, listen! Once I have got what I want, which is my shares will increase up to 45%, we will get divorced. Just endure it for six months and maybe one-year maximum. It depends on the proceed.'' he explains.

''Do you really think I am a dummy toy?!'' I shout. If anyone in my shoe will be exasperated with his saying just now. I am not that kind of cold-temper to play with. You choose the wrong person, Taehyung. Well, that is what I am going to say to him to be sincere. But, I kind of knows his temper even though we just met an hour ago so I decided to back off and obey his words.

"Do you want our parents to know that we have a problem with this?'' he asks, grunting.

I closed my eyes slowly and opened them, trying to be calm.

I sigh heavily.

"Okay, deal! Just for six months!'' I agree.

I do not have any option! If I choose to have a slow- talk chat with my mom, it is going to change nothing! I stand up and walk slowly inside my house. My mind is so preoccupied right now.

''But, don't fall in love with me!'' he said, with an annoying tone.

I could see he is smirking.

''Don't you ever dream of it!'' my eyes rolled up. Who the hell going to fall for him while just the hate and annoy grace in my heart when I look at him.

He raises his eyebrows.

"Oh yeah? I can tell that you have already fallen for me when you look at me... an hour ago."

Flashback End

And that is it! I had married to that annoying guy that I do not even know who is he for real.


"MiHye, starts from tomorrow, you have to go to school with your husband.'' my mom said calmly. Okay, that is driving me crazy!

''N-...Yes, mom'' I agreed, full with compulsion.

To Be Continued.

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