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The Plan B (English Version)




Romance | Series


Some trouble in a gas station lead Dan Rashawn, the football superstar to meet Gina Harewood. He invites her to his birthday party, where she shows up with Cheryl, Gina's gorgeous friend. He meets Cheryl and suddenly takes an interest in her. After a quick relationship, Dan proposes to her. One day, at NFL game, Dan suffers an injury that could possibly ruin his career. Cheryl suggests that he enlist the help of Gina, so Gina moves into their home. Rumors circle that Dan's career would end quickly if he did not recover by the playoffs, which causes Cheryl to leave Dan through a letter. Dan was upset and discouraged to recover but Gina helps him. As time goes Dan confessed his love to Gina. But just when Gina thought she finally gets her happiness, Cheryl comes back and reconciled with Dan. She was broke and hurt. "I want you back, Gina. I love you. I know that now." - Dan Rashawn. "No, what you know now is that the woman that you were gonna marry is not the woman you thought she was. So now here you are, looking for Plan B. Right? You want your best friend, your cheerleader that was there for you when the chips were down? Well, guess what, Dan. I don't want to be Plan B. And I won't be that even for Dan Rashawn." - Gina Harewood View More...

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#Scandal Wee

great! lov yor story line.. caiyok dear! waiting for your up next 'baby'

27/01/2019 01:12 AM

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Wow that's great CALFERA. . . Lovely Gina so amazing. . . I enjoy the Story

09/12/2018 11:58 PM

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Baba vaRopafadzo

ogh God this is just awesome writing you are a great author I loved every bit of this

08/10/2017 01:02 AM