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The Broken Dreamer




Fanfiction | Series


Park JiMin... Loving,Caring,Cheerful. All the positive traits he had. All his dream comes true when he actually realised that the girl was there, holding on his hands so firm that they can't be separated except with death. The girl was nothing until she found the boy who she can rely on. They were too pleased in their teens' age. Until.. Some hitch bumps their joyous. "Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it"-Third Point Of View An accident jolted him. The girl glad that he was saved by those hands and the technical machine that connected to infinity of long circuit. But one thing... His memory was gone along those good personalities. He became someone unknown by himself. Someone unpredictable, someone dangerous, someone who can't be trusted. "People change. Love hurts. Friends leave. Things go wrong. But just remember that life goes on"-Park JiMin Curmudgeon, Impatient, Bully... was his new friends. He enjoyed what his personality turned him into someone devil. He definitely doesn't even remember his cheerful memory. "Nothing's gonna change my world"- Jung LiLy Also, that girl. View More...

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park ji min from bts????????

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